A Three Hour Tour

Row Three
Sewer Adventure, Episode 1

In which the party decides that rather than promptly leave the city without further incident, they should go on a skeleton-filled sewer adventure.

Notable events:

  • One Tapestry [Moldy] acquired.
    *Ollathron presently has a perfect record against traps.
    *Arctura was knocked out twice in two separate fights. Both incidents occured within five minutes of each other.
    *Iados has become unofficial party treasurer.
    *Didgeri has yet to doo.
Row Two

In which four becomes five, the thief learns the consequences of stealing, and a ticket out of the city is earned.

Row One
Preparation, or: Four travelers try to leave Luskan

Luskan: The party decides that after a week of being incarcerated for stupid reasons, it is time to leave.


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